Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service.
Our mission is "Empowering People Through Home Ownership and Financial Freedom."

Future Homeowners

Fidelity Direct Mortgage – Trye Group Lending Team is excited in your interest in home ownership. We’ve worked for over 15 years to help our community of young professionals, families, business owners, newlyweds, and people of all ages to live the dream of becoming a home owner at any point in their life.

We work with a group of vetted agents, mortgage lenders, and community partners to provide exclusive loan programs in Maryland and are one of the few mortgage lenders who have access to monies provided by the City, especially for first-time home purchasers and veterans.

Our Team creates a seamless process for our clients, from application to purchase, through a variety of web and mobile-based applications to help you keep track of your loan process.

There’s an abundance of available loan programs and we’re excited to find the best options for you and your family.

You’re just one step away from homeownership and it starts with our Team!

Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders

Our Team offers exclusive programs and co-branding opportunities to our real estate agent and mortgage lender partners and employees.

From co-branded listings and marketing material to full-access to loan programs that are only granted to some of the top Mortgage Lenders in the City, we offer an experience like no other! Take a look around or contact us to learn about the opportunities available to expand your markets!